Here at GTKYF Foundation Inc we are fully aware of the attack on a FREE and Open Internet by the powers that be. Whether that be big business (selling your information) or our Government (censoring free speech). Both have demonstrated a clear and open attack on an open and Neutral Internet, aka “Net Neutrality”. These things work in tandem to harm our core mission as it relates to “Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom”.

So, in the typical fashion of our founder and the key people behind our organization from the early days. We set out to use the tools, resources, and systems that the opposition has used to attack, control, and censor us to build a…

FREE and Open system of

Technology to offer

“positive alternatives”

…to the things we see as wrong with the current atmosphere in the world of Tech. Throughout our intensive investment in intellectual property, programs, software, and other aspects related to tech we strive to provide FREE Access. The use of the platforms to facilitate:

  • Access to Information,
  • Strong LOCAL Economies,
  • Healthy Communities,
  • and Accountability for Government, and Big Businesses alike.

“let us never be silent in the face of tyranny and the destruction of freedom.”

*Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc

We do NOT agree with the current Governmental and Big Business approach of Complete and total control over all types of Media and Tech. As a direct result of these beliefs:


Our GTKYF Tech Group works closely with our Farm Fresh Media Organization to provide content. In addition, GTKYF Media sells marketing services and billboard/banner ads, sponsors, and affiliate marketing.

Here are the main platforms and a brief description as to why we are involved in them:

  • Organization Sites: Our GTKYF Tech Group is responsible for the Tech aspects of the websites, domains, and applications for all of the programs currently offered or in development under the GTKYF Foundation Inc umbrella.
  • Our Farm Fresh Media Organizations websites, domains, and other tech needs. We here at GTKYF Foundation Inc believe that a FREE and Open Press is vital to our core beliefs. We also believe that access to information provides for a knowledgeable world. As well as we firmly adhere to the philosophy of “those who do not study history, are destined to repeat it”. This leads to our striving to provide information as it relates to historical events and aspects. All content we produce, including articles, e-books, books, handbooks, podcasts, videos, and programs for the tech group are produced and copyrighted by Farm Fresh Media, LLC or FFM LLC. Farm Fresh Media LLC or FFM LLC, GTKYF TECH Group, GTKYF Media Group, as it’s known is the legal owner of most of our trademarks, domains, and copyrights.
  • Our Classifieds Platform: In accordance with our belief in a small strong LOCAL economy we have built, and maintained a family of classified sites. These sites are designed to facilitate people needing to find a way to subsidize their income, find an apartment, or trade goods or services with someone in their community. As well as there are several designed to help people connect to local food, and other aspects of sustainable, healthy living. When the big players on the internet in this arena decided to start charging for everything, we saw a need to create a new model and set out to do so. We intend to also dive into several areas that are in line with our beliefs, and mission as well.
  • Our Relationship Platform: Now, some would refer to this platform as “dating” but we want to strive to go beyond that and provide a place where people can meet LIKE-MINDED people as they relate to a variety of issues we are involved with on many levels. For a community and a society to be strong enough to weather the storms of life, there have to be people in the community who have relationships. This platform is designed to provide a place to meet, get to know others, and build those relationships. Thereby creating a dynamic strong LOCAL community.
  • Our Social Media Platform: As we all know the big GIANT in the room when it comes to “Social Media” has become a great censor and in fact propaganda machine controlled by the powers that be. Not to mention the intensive DATA MINING, and even the scores of BOTS that run rampant. Well, we had enough and we set out to create a family of topic / community-specific social media sites that are designed to facilitate healthy discourse and freedom.
  • Our Email Platform: Since we all know about the great and mighty “alphabet”, the all-knowing and all-intrusive company that sells ALL of our information to the highest bidder. You can only imagine what led us to set out on the path to building an Email, Calendar, and Search platform that DOES NOT SELL OR MINE YOUR INFORMATION. That being said this platform is still in development and we hope to have it live in 2023
  • Our Fund Raising Platform: Many of you are familiar with the various fundraising sites available. Many of these sites charge a ton of money to those who truly need it and some are rampant with scams. Some even censor those with different beliefs or views from raising funds on their site. We believe there is a better way, and so we set out to build a new kinda fundraising platform. This platform is still in development. We hope to have it LIVE in Spring 2023
  • The Applications platform: The many sites and aspects of our diverse Tech Group lead to the fact to maintain a competitive edge we are building Applications for many of our sites, and programs. Look for more of these in 2023.

So, as you can see our TECH Group is very busy taking on the many issues as they relate to TECH and providing positive alternatives to what is currently a mess in our world and on the internet.