Hey there…

It’s been a bit since I did an update of the message on this site. We here at GTKYF Foundation Inc have been beyond busy. The needs are great but the resources are few. We have been busy over the last months with projects and programs spanning this country and even touching other parts of the globe.

Here as July is in full swing and the heat of the summer is on in the southern United States we are actively involved in multiple relief projects addressing the third world environment that is alive and active in the rural and yes even urban impoverished parts of our country. As well as preparing for the Hurricane season and continuing with the many other things we are involved in.

We have some immediate needs:

We are in desperate need of several replacement vehicles as we are over 300,000 miles on some of our core daily drivers. In addition our relief projects in Alabama and Louisiana both need core sponsors to enable us to meet more of the need. As well as our Dogwood Valley Program in Saint Clair County Alabama needs a core sponsor to help us complete this awesome effort. If you can help or have any ideas please let us know. You can email me directly HERE. I’d love to hear from you. I continue to be very active across many social media platforms and would love to engage with you there as well.


You can always DONATE HERE. If you do not have Paypal we also have a Cash app, Venmo, and even a way to accept cryptocurrency. Just email me above and I’ll be glad to walk you through whichever platform you would prefer.


Our advocacy program continues to be a vital link in many people’s lives as the economy stalls and people are still trying to adapt to the new world after COVID. Being stuck at home for months brought out a lot of intrinsic hidden issues in people’s lives that many do not have the coping skills or even just an ear to bounce ideas and feeling off. That’s where our Advocacy program has been priceless in this ever-stressful and heartbreaking world.

Community Building:

If you want to get involved, need assistance, have materials, or want to donate to our community rebuilding efforts, disaster response, or disaster reconstruction efforts. Check out our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program. From putting a roof on an elderly person’s home to cleaning up after a hurricane. We are a low administration / overhead boots on the ground getting our hands dirty organization. “Lending a hand to build strong communities.”

If you live in the United States and would like to meet with me in person reach out to me. I often travel and go from sea to shining sea throughout the year working to plant the seeds in as many places and lives as possible. Following what I believe I am called to do in my life. As I would encourage each of your to do as well.

I truly hope you and yours have a wonderful rest of the summer of 2022 and I look forward to talking with and meeting each of you.

“Be Ye Safe”

Ethan The Farmer,

Founder and Executive Director

GTKYF Foundation Inc